PSP was way ahead of its time

More than 11 years ago, I remember going to my friend’s house to just play games on his PC. After persuading my parents for nearly a year, I finally got PSP (Play Station Portable) on my birthday. I was really overwhelmed with the features it had to offer. Now they may seem mediocre, but at that time we mostly had feature phones around. So, a 4.3 inch LCD display, with stereo speakers, embedded mini joystick was a pretty big deal then.

Now that I look back, I really admire that PSP was able to run games like God of War, NFS in such a small device whereas the mobile phone market then was way behind. Apart from playing games, you could watch movies, tune to music, connect to WiFi. It was a pretty powerful device in those days.

To load and play games on PSP, you had to add a UMD (Universal Media Disc) in the back. These tiny discs can hold upto 1.8 GB! There were movies also coming out on this format that supported additional features like subtitles, audio playback etc. One more thing I liked is that you can swap the battery module and play while the other recharges.

My favourite game to play on PSP was “Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker”. In conclusion playing on PSP was one of my favourite childhood experiences. I feel sad that these incredible pieces of technology have become obsolete now.

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